Active Virtual Network Management Prediction


Stephen F. Bush and Amit Kulkarni
The Atropos tutorial is designed to allow programmers to become quickly familiar with the Atropos  architecture and to be able to modify the code for other applications. The tutorial builds executable applications starting from the simplest and progresses step-by-step to a fully predictive system. Note that Atropos is an extension of AVNMP and AVNMP may still appear in some of the older figures and text.

The tutorial builds a simple Active Application to generate load in Chapter 4, called LoadGen. This is the actual system whose load will be predicted using Atropos. In Chapters 5 and 6 the SNMP instrumentation is explained because the SNMP MIB serves as the predicted state repository and the connection between the active application (LoadGen) and the Atropos predictive models. Chapters 7 and 8 explain the in-network Atropos predictive model development.  Configuration parameters are discussed in Chapter 9.

The tutorial consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1 -- Overview of Atropos 
This chapter provides a very brief overview of the Active Network concept and an introduction to the Atropos architecture. 
Chapter 2 -- Atropos Installation 
This chapter provides the details necessary to install and run Atropos as well as detailed programmatic and dependency information. 
Chapter 3 -- Building Applications in Magician 
Atropos is currently implemented in the Magician execution environment. This chapter provides a basic understanding of programming active packets in Magician.
Chapter 4 -- Building the Application Using LoadGen as an Example Application 
In this chapter, a simple application is developed. This application serves to generate active packets, providing load on an active link. This application is extended in the following chapters to be enhanced with Atropos. 
Chapter 5 -- Instrumenting the Application with SNMP 
Atropos is designed to provide predictive system management. This chapter explains how the application is instrumented with SNMP. 
Chapter 6 -- Connecting the Application to Atropos 
Once the application is instrumented with SNMP, the Atropos system needs to know how to access the required management object ids. 
Chapter 7 -- Atropos Driving Process Parameters 
This chapter explains the Atropos Driving Process, its parameter settings, and how it interacts with the managed application. 
Chapter 8 -- Atropos Logical Process parameters 
This chapter explains the Atropos Logical Process, its related parameters, and how it interacts with the managed application. 
Chapter 9 -- Running the Complete System 
Now that the entire system has been built, this chapter discusses issues related to running the system and the predicted values. 

Chapter 10 -- Monitoring the Results 
This chapter discusses collecting the data while the system is running. 

 The complete Atropos documentation is found in the Atropos API .
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